The Guide to South African Higher Education | 18th Edition

Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the 18th edition of Study SA, the only publication that provides a contemporary overview of internationalisation in South African Higher Education. Acknowledging that the digital age is upon us, IEASA is launching an interactive digital version of Study SA, which means that information on any university of specific interest may be easily accessed, without having to page through a whole document. It also means that the link may be shared widely with university partners, funders and all persons interested in South African Higher Education.

This edition’s proposed theme is Engaged Universities: Comprehensive Internationalisation - A Dialogue between Local and Global Realities. The official launch of the 18th edition of Study SA took place at IEASA’s 2019 annual conference, August 21st-23rd, in Somerset West, located near Cape Town. The 2019 conference theme is Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Innovation, Diversity, Inequality and Inclusion.

The previous 17 issues of Study SA may now be found on the IEASA website, which was launched earlier in 2019, under the Publications section, courtesy of a digitisation project by Rhodes University Library Services. Study SA opens with an introduction to the IEASA Management Council, along with this edition’s acknowledgement and appreciation.

A foreword from the former Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Naledi Pandor, speaks of two significant new policy initiatives to improvement in the quality of South Africa’s Higher education. We also welcome and look forward to working with Dr Blade Nzimande as the Minister of the newly merged Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, consisting of the former Department of Higher Education and Training and the Department of Science and Technology.

A message from the current CEO of Universities South Africa (USAF), Dr Ahmed Bawa, outlines the priorities for the 26 public universities, while the President of IEASA, Ms Orla Quinlan (Rhodes University), comments on the importance and role of international educators in the current fraught and uncertain global climate; the uneven resourcing of international offices in South Africa and the uneven approach to internationalisation; a strategic component of a modern university.

Ms Orla Quinlan, Editor

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