The Guide to South African Higher Education | 18th Edition


Message from the IEASA President

By Ms Orla Quinlan, President IEASA 2019-2020

Global challenges and the role of international educators Globalisation and the advent of rapidly developing technologies have made the world appear smaller and increasingly accessible. However, we are simultaneously witnessing widespread disruptions, at the macro and micro levels, intent on polarising populations. Established democracies are experiencing serious challenges. The political promulgation of fear, the rise of the far-right and hypernationalisation, as well as an increase in obstacles to migration, are but some of the prevalent phenomena we are facing.

Each new generation needs a cohort of people who have the experience, interest, and know-how to engage with people from other places. International education can provide these opportunities and experiences. A successful future relies on the ability to navigate an interconnected, globalised world.

Africa rising and the role of South Africa speaks to the significant role South Africa is playing play in Higher Education in the continent.

The South African Higher Education sector and internationalisation look at South Africa's Higher Education system is in the post – "#FeesMustfall” era, which has had a significant impact on its priorities.

IEASA: Staying relevant and responsive unpacks this edition’s proposed theme —Engaged Universities: Comprehensive Internationalisation - A Dialogue between Local and Global Realities.

The Network of International Education Associations (NIEA) leaders were welcomed back to South Africa to have their second official meeting of 2019 to tackle challenges facing internationalisation in Higher Education. NIEA resolved to build networks of open-minded people who understand the global issues and are committed to playing their part in creating a more inclusive and more equitable world locally and globally.

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