The Guide to South African Higher Education | 18th Edition


Minister’s Foreword

By Dr Naledi Pandor, Minister of Higher Education and Training February 2018 - May 2019; currently Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

I congratulated IEASA on their 10th anniversary for their work on the internationalisation of education and the promotion of South African Higher Education to the international community. Over a decade later, congratulations are due again to IEASA on having grown in its work, in which it has become a significant voice in representing South Africa internationally.

An important aspect of my department’s mandate is to support the development of a strong public Higher Education system in South Africa. This it seeks to do through a range of steering mechanisms which include policy, planning and funding.

Five of the fastest-growing economies in the world are in Africa.

Two important frameworks to be released by my department, during the course of the year are the Policy Framework on Internationalisation of Higher Education in South Africa and the National Plan for Post School Education and Training. I am hopeful that these initiatives will have a positive impact on our universities and our Post School Education and Training.

Many of our universities actively collaborate internationally; sometimes through individual scholars but often as part of regionally or nationally driven initiatives. These collaborations ensure that South Africa is a player in the increasingly important multi and interdisciplinary global research and innovation ecosystems. Our institutions and academics can lead some niches; and derive benefit from collaboration with research strengths in other countries.

The majority of international students coming to South Africa hail from other African countries and bring with them the rich and profoundly diverse cultural and intellectual heritage of the continent. Moreover, five of the fastest-growing economies in the world are in Africa. Both for our benefit and that of the continent, there are compelling reasons for our Higher Education system, to actively interact with academics, students and institutions on the continent.

I encourage IEASA to continue its significant contribution to the quality of Higher Education.

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